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nasser December 12, 2005 05:22

which Preprossecor Gambit Tgrid ....?
Hi every body which cad software is suitable? Autocad, Solid work, Pro Engineer,....?

which mesh gernerator is suitable? Gambit,Tgrid,Grid genertation,.....? Thanks

Freeman December 12, 2005 12:37

Re: which Preprossecor Gambit Tgrid ....?
I use AutoCAD for 2D geometry creation and CATIA for 3D. In autoCAD you can export your geometry to a .sat file that directly can be read with Gambit; with CATIA, and also with SolidWorks and Pro Engineer you can export in an easy way your geometry to IGES and then import it to Gambit.

I've heard in other posts here in CDF-online that Gambit is now an old-fashioned grid generator, but it is which I am working with: perhaps GridGen would be a better choice, but I haven't work with it. Tgrid is your choice when you've done (in gambit, for example) your surface mesh of your 3D model and wand to create a fast 3D grid with (merhaps millions) tetraedrons and with capability for create boundary layers made with prismathic elements extruded from your surface mesh.

Hope it was clear and helpful.

nasser December 13, 2005 02:16

Re: which Preprossecor Gambit Tgrid ....?
Thanks I heared when you use solid work and export it to Gambit you loss some fine curve.

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