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Freeman December 12, 2005 16:16

Stagnation point and other issues
Hello CFD community! I've got some questions:

1. Can Fluent give me the stagnation point and the streamline where it is? For example, if I am studyng a flow over an airfoil or a bluff body, where's the option in fluent to show me the stagnation point?

2. If the last one is possible and Fluent can give me the streamline where it is the stagnation point, can I "access" to this streamline? That is, can I make "mouse probes" in it, or better, can Fluent store the points of that curve?

3. And the hardest one: I am simulating 1/4 of a 2D car (I am interested in the wheelarch). So, in 2D, you can imagine that for this geometry there is an inlet and two outflow boundaries, because this 1/4 car divides the outlet in 2 parts. Is there any way to know the percentages of the Flow Rate Weighting of each Outflow boundary before having got any anticipated simulation results?

Many thanks!

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