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gb December 20, 2005 09:24

solar radiation
there is an tutorial "solar load model in indoor ventilation". In this tutorial you can establich a radiation reflected from ground (ground reflectivity), scaterring fractoin and activate a sourcineg of energy into cell. I need help becouse all time I`m trying to write in in fluent command list I ave an message : "invalid comand [solar-parameters>]. Haw to write it?? I have an version 6.2.16. If any one of you is fimiliar with it please write to me:

wheels December 22, 2005 04:16

Re: solar radiation
HI. You can hit the enter key to get the command line and than hit the enter key angain so that you can get the valid command. In order to input the command "/define/models/radiation/solar-parameters " you will under the solar-parameters command . I am also interesting in indoor ventilation .could you sent the tutorial "solar load model in indoor ventilation" to me

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