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Viktor December 29, 2005 16:59

Mixture fraction in Partially premixed combustion
I am learning partially premixed H2/O2 combustion case with non-moving stratified mixture (prePDF 99%O2+1%H2 and 99%H2+1%O2 fuel and oxydiser compositions). However, I don't know how fluent prescribes concentrations - if I use c=0 and f=1 to initiate solution and it gives 0.3% H2 + 0.3 %O2 (not 99% H2 +1% O2) molar concentration withing my volume. Why it doesn't give me at f=1 compostion of the 100% fuel stream ?

Thank you very much,


auth December 30, 2005 00:30

Re: Mixture fraction in Partially premixed combust
The problem is solved. I had too many points between f=1 and f=0 (fuel steam and oxydizer stream). My small gird was made just as a sample case and Fluent was given totaly bogus numbers. I set now number of grid points in the flamelet to 9 and it works.


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