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Ralf Schmidt January 5, 2006 11:06

calculation of pressure difference wrong?

I'm optimizing an apparatus in terms of maximum flow homogeneity. For this case, I use different shapes of the redirection area (varying flap geometry, deflector radii,..) from the air-intake to the region, where the velocity of the flow should be as homogeneous as possible.

So far, I figured out a set of optimal parameters. The next question is to minimize the pressure drop along the apparatus. THE SIMULATION IN Fluent SHOWS, THAT THE SET OF OPTIMAL FLOW HOMOGENEITY PARAMETERS RETURNS THE LOWEST PRESSURE DROP.

Isn't that contrariety? Many experts told me, that attaining flow homogeneity involves always having a high pressure drop.

So does Fluent give wrong pressure differences (using "Area-weighted-Average" static pressure - see discussion

Or is it me, how is thinking wrong…

Any Idea???

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