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Rucy January 9, 2006 05:01

Urgent! Access violation of UDF using VOF
Dear there,

I tried to write a UDF for the VOF simulation.

The UDS is as follows:

DEFINE_SOURCE(xmom_source, c, t, dS, eqn) {

double source, vofl ;

vofl = C_VOF (c, t) ;

if ((vofl > tiny) && (vofl < (1.0 - tiny)))

source = - 0.5 * vofl ;

else source = 0.0 ;

dS[eqn] = 0.0 ;

return source ; }

The problem might be the following:

vof_mf = C_VOF (c, t) ; The errow message is: "Access violation of UDF using VOF"

In the define menu: define->boundary conditions->fluid, when I set the above function in the mixture of fluid, there is the error message. When I set the function in the liquid and not the gas, the Fluent is OK. Could you tell me why?

Please help me.


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