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lisa January 13, 2006 04:24

questions about the discrete phase model
Hello, guys, Thank you for your attention. I am working on the discrete phase modeling of the continuous phase air (0.9kg/s) and discrete phase becteria(0.1kg/s, density is 1000) without the interaction. The geometric domain is a long pipe (2m x 3m x 20m). The below is the boundary conditions. 1) Velocity inlet located(1m/s) in the middle of the pipe along the 20m for air. Escape for partical. 2) Pressure outlet ( 0 pascal)at the end of the pipe along the 20m.. Escape for partical. The other end of the pipe is closed. 3).Reject walls. 4).Partical type is inert and injected from the surface which is velocity inlet too. I am using Stochastic Tracking DRWM model. In my calculation domain, the Re number ranges from 100 to 500. I am using the low Re ke model. The problem is that results show that: 1)Number tracked=220000,escaped=64818, aborted=35389, trapped=09 evaporated=0, imcompleted=0. My question is the number of the escaped should be 220000 too because of all the reject walls. If I put the higher velocity inlet number, the aborted number will close to 220000 better. In this case I think the low-Re k-e model is working not bad for continuous phase. So what should I do? 2)By the way, I want to check where the aborted particle is. What should I do. I thank you very much for your considerations and look forward to your help. Best regards, Lisa

Aidan January 13, 2006 08:24

Re: questions about the discrete phase model
The particles are probably aborting because the trajectory calculation has reached the integration limit. increase the number of steps in the DPM model panel until all the particles excape.

lisa January 13, 2006 16:20

Re: questions about the discrete phase model
Thank you very much. I will try it. Lisa

Mann Prasad January 17, 2006 08:51

Re: questions about the discrete phase model
Hello Lisa, I need help from you. I solve a problem in which there is a combustion chamber. There is a 5m length ,3m width and 1.5 m height and there is four burner at right angle to each other when showing from top. it fixed at face of the combustion chamber.I converge the laminar and tarbulent. but when energy is enable and givenig the injection there is problem. I need help about setting the injecton. Means steps for setting the injection. I used Light Diesel oil as a fuel. my E-mail is Please help me. Mann Prasad

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