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George Gardner January 13, 2006 12:08

Splitting Up Volume
Dear Fluent Chaps,

I am modelling an aircraft for my major research project for Aeronautical Engineering Masters degree and would really appreciate your help!!

I have a volume mesh that is big enough to exceed the max RAM of 2GB. (I am using Linux).

I have gathered from the forum that I should split the volume up into different parts, then re-mesh each volume separately. " How do I do this?

Previously I had an aircraft volume subtracted from a cuboid volume to give me one volume to mesh, which worked until I increased mesh density and ran out of memory. I used various size functions.

How should I tackle it now?? I am trying to split the length of the cuboid domain into six smaller cuboids along the length (flow direction), with the aircraft subtracted from the first end cuboid volume.

I had a go at stitching/uniting each volume which seem to be in-appropriate.

If I just left the six cuboids as they are, could I apply a Boundary Condition later on in fluent which is 'invisible' for the walls where each cuboid touches. Maybe the 'Fluid Conditions' BC would work?

Please help me and I Thank you very much for any help.


George Gardner

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