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John January 14, 2006 00:08

A question about flow between 2 plates
Hi, I have a very simple question. I'm trying to verify Poiseuille flow (between 2 flat plates, laminar, with air) but when flow meets the plates at the entrance point on the plate, the velocity won't be zero at that point. The velocity on the plate at entrance will be averaged one (between initail velocity and zero) and caused the velocity profile at entrance region. I'm just a beginner of FLUENT and I really run out of ideas. Appreciate any help!! Thanks

kharicha January 18, 2006 05:46

Re: A question about flow between 2 plates
A constant velocity inlet doesn't exist in reallity..

To avoid this problem you can either:

1) use periodic BC at the inlet and outlet. This perfect if you want to study a fully developped need also to impose a pressure gradient between the inlet and the outlet.

2)you can write an UDF with a defined velocity profile(parabolique or whatever)...with a null velocity at the wall. This good if you want to study the developpement of your flow along the duct or the channel. How long does it take to get a fully developped flow....etc.

maryam fotokiyan January 23, 2006 07:07

Re: A question about flow between 2 plates
how we can generate mesh in gambit between two inclined parallel plates?

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