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Loh January 16, 2006 06:35

3d half model airplane simulation

I'm doing my project on 3D half model airplane simulation. I have done my simulation and i need to plot the graph of pressure coefficient vs airfoil chord length at the section of the wing and the information of lift coefficient at that section.

Does anybody know how ?

Thanks for any help.


Freeman January 16, 2006 10:09

Re: 3d half model airplane simulation
Hi Loh.

I'm having the same problem but with the XY plot of the pressure coefficient about the mid plane of a 3D car shape.

I hope someone could give a solution to this...thanks!

Loh January 17, 2006 23:36

Re: 3d half model airplane simulation
hi, freeman.

I yet solve my problem. For my problem, I create a surface/plane at my wing section using isosurface from surface. Then, i do plot the grahp pressure coefficient vs chord length, but it is not like the shape the graph suppose to be. So, i still try to find a way to get the pressure coefficient at the upper and lower surface of the wing along the wing chord length.

For your problem, maybe you can try also using isosurface to create a plane at the mid plane of your car and then plot the graph. I sure you know how to create a plane right?, if no then you may try refer to the tutorial or contact me later.

I hope it could help.



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