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Derick January 16, 2006 14:20

Athlon 64 Gambit Compatibility?

We have a AMD Athlon 64 PC running 32 bit Windows XP. We have successfully installed Gambit 2.2. WE have also successfully installed Exceed 6.1 3D. However, when trying to upgrade Exceed to version 6.2 as required to run Gambit in Windows, the setup program won't execute. Any attempt to run Gambit results in 'cannot load font' errors in Exceed's status window.

We have also successfully installed Gambit and Exceed 6.1 on Pentium 4 Machines, and the setup program to upgrade Exceed 6.1 to 6.2 runs fine. As a result, Gambit runs in Exceed 6.2 just fine on Pentium 4 machines.

Is there anything thatI am missing in the setup and/or upgrade process of Exceed on an AMD Athlon 64 with Windows XP (32 bit)? I feel like if I get Exceed to upgrade properly, Gambit will run fine.

Thanks in Advance,


HVN January 17, 2006 04:31

Re: Athlon 64 Gambit Compatibility?
On the fluentusers web site, it is recommended to use exceed 9. For myself, I use actually exceed 7.

Makaveli January 17, 2006 06:14

Re: Athlon 64 Gambit Compatibility?
I have found no problems with running gambit on an Athlon 64 running 32bit windows xp under exceed 6.1 and have found no reason to upgrade to 6.2. Please note however that I am using Gambit 2.16 (I think)

Derick January 17, 2006 18:28

Re: Athlon 64 Gambit Compatibility?
Thanks guys..will look into it.


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