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Josh Kjenner January 18, 2006 00:16

Gambit via X11

My lab runs Fluent/Gambit on Linux boxes, and because of it's cave-like atmosphere I would prefer to remotely log in from home on my mac using X11. However, I'm having some problems.

Here's the specifics: I'm running Mac OS X 10.4, and I'm using X11 1.1 to do the remote login. I've enabled X11 forwarding, and use the following command:

ssh -X -l jkjenner

From here, I can run Fluent with no trouble. However, when I fire up Gambit with this command:

gambit -id modelname

I get this message:


This product has the following patch(es) applied: patch_2230_1

You can find more information about the patch(es) in the respective text file(s) located at: /usr/local/fluent/Fluent.Inc/gambit2.2.30.

LANG en_US.UTF-8 changed temporarily to C for gambit use. Starting /usr/local/fluent/Fluent.Inc/gambit2.2.30/lnx86/gambit -id basegeom... OPENGL_DEVICE_DRIVER not supported

Defaulting to X_DEVICE_DRIVER with standard visual. Received X Error <9: BadDrawable (invalid Pixmap or Window parameter)>. XErrorEvent:

display = localhost:10.0

type = 0

resourceid = 87

serial = 240

error_code = 9

request_code = 73

minor_code = 0

Received exception: SIGSEGV (segmentation violation)

Please send the GAMBIT.24790/jou and GAMBIT.24790/trn files to your local Fluent office or distributor. Also send a message including any relevant errors or warnings you see above in this window. You may wish to delete the temporary directory GAMBIT.24790 after sending the above files. ERROR: Please retain a copy of the GAMBIT.24790/jou, GAMBIT.24790/trn, and GAMBIT.24790/*.dbs files, any imported geometry and any relevant errors or warnings you see above in this window and contact support at your local Fluent office or distributor. Abort

Any ideas? Does anyone know if it's even possible to run Gambit via X11? I've seen some old forum posts from people claiming they've done it, but haven't been able to get in touch with them.



Josh Kjenner (again) January 24, 2006 20:21

Re: Gambit via X11
If anyone is using a mac and trying to run Gambit, you might be interested in this:

To get it going, I ssh'd in to the Linux box using the -Y switch instead of the -X switch, which apparently enables "trusted" X11 forwarding instead of just regular X11 forwarding. I then started up gambit with the following command

gambit -dev X11 &

And, lo and behold, it worked. Hooray for me.

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