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colin January 18, 2006 00:52

Help Me: dispersed turbulence model&kinetic theory
I am working on gas-solids flow(relatively dilute, solid mass loading less than 12) in pipes simulation using fluent6.2.16. I have some troubles on the granular multiphase modle.

when solving solid phase granular temp. equation, I use PDE in Fluent6.2. And i use dispersed turbulence model. when I using the dispersed turbulence model, it says that the collisions between particles are neglected. it seems conflict with the kinetic theory. But, when i change the particle-particle collision restitution coefficient, the result(pressure,volume fraction of solid phase) is changed too.

Kinetic Viscosity :Gidaspow et al. drag: Gidaspow

How does the dispersed turbulence model affect the granular temperature equation? And will the turbulence in the Dispersed Phase in my model be solved or neglected? can i use the dispersed turbulence model?

I would appreciate if you can share your experience with me and give me some advice on it.

colin January 20, 2006 20:55

Re: Help Me: dispersed turbulence model&kinetic th
thank you in advance!

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