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Prince Samson January 20, 2006 02:36

mesh size interaction with fluent solution??
Hello friends....

Is the mesh size generated in gambit affects the solution generated by fluent???

Like.....for granular flow....does the mesh size need to be the size of the particles???

Laika January 20, 2006 06:35

Re: mesh size interaction with fluent solution??
ah, another one looking for the holy grail of mesh-independency!

We cannot answer your question, since whether the mesh density matters or not, depends on the mesh you already have. Good meshing is the key thing in CFD, and asks for a lot more experience then picking the right models in the CFD solver.

Picking the right models asks for understanding of the models itself. Creating a good mesh asks for some upfront understanding of the flow-phenomena and a lot of experience. And good modeling in total asks for a critical mind that can read through the results the combined effects of models and mesh.

If you study on the eulerian granular model implemented in Fluent, I'm sure you can answer your question whether or not your cells need to be as small as your granular particles or not.

good luck,

Laika, still orbiting

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