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hervé January 23, 2006 05:16

Fluent compliance with RHEL 4

Does anyone know about current or future compliance between Fluent V6.2 and RedHat Enterprise Linux 4?

FLuent's website indicates that V6.2.16 is supported by RHEL 3. Nothing about RHEL 4. Is anyone using this OS with Fluent?

If not, I have a few lines to address to Fluent Inc.'s people (in case they happen to read this message):

a/ do you have any time schedule to test FLUENT against RHEL 4? (In other words, andfor example, will Fluent's next release be supported by both RHEL 3 and RHEL 4?)

b/ for info, RHEL 4 is available to general public for quite a while now (about 6 month, maybe more). I fell this concern could be shared by other users in the world, and a decision for both action and information would seem legitimate.

Thanks to all in advance.

Evan Rosenbaum January 23, 2006 16:32

Re: Fluent compliance with RHEL 4
We haven't had any trouble using RHEL 4 and FLUENT 6.2, which we have been doing for about 4 months.

hervé January 25, 2006 05:39

Re: Fluent compliance with RHEL 4
Thank you Evan for your prompt reply. It is very helpful.

Note that, I think it is a pity that no one from Fluent could be bothered to reply, even by a mere "yes-or-no". Not very impressive I shall say.

Possibly they don't pay much attention to the chat on their own forum.

Next time I'll post it on a competitor forum.

Anyway. Evan, thanks again for your help.


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