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vishwas January 24, 2006 13:22

eddy viscosity for k-epsilon model
I am trying to model flow over surface mounted cube in a channel using k-epsilon model. Does fluent calculate the eddy viscosity on its own or do we always have to calculate it using the user defined functions? Other question is for the near wall modeling approach. I am trying to use the enhanced wall treatment. But it too looks like a combination of wall functions and the two layer approach. Is there any modeling treament which gives the k-epsilon model completely integrabale upto the wall?

Thank you

Thomas January 24, 2006 18:42

Re: eddy viscosity for k-epsilon model
The turbulent viscosity is computed by fluent using the values of k and e. If you are interested in the velocity field near a wall you should use the k-omega model, which is better for low-Re zones.


njb January 27, 2006 04:25

Re: eddy viscosity for k-epsilon model
hi we can directly get the values of eddy viscosity in plot , vector or contour from fluent itself. Can u give me some idea about ur boundary conditions because i am also soving the problem of turbulent flow over obstacles.

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