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Ralf Schmidt January 25, 2006 11:13

gambit error uniting two volumes

I have an error uniting two volumes:

"misclassified graph coedge - probably geometrical problem"

Any idea?


Jason January 25, 2006 13:25

Re: gambit error uniting two volumes
And I thought I had run into all the possible errors when uniting volumes! Gambit never ceases to surprise...

Not sure how much this will help, but you can try healing the volumes. Sometimes I've had luck healing one volume, but not the other.

Hope this helps, and good luck, Jason

Ralf Schmidt January 26, 2006 04:34

Re: gambit error uniting two volumes
Hi, thanks for response...

healing one of the volumes doesn't remove the error message... Also the merge function is resulting in the same error message.

I had this situation: there are 5 volumes that should build up a shelf like setup. Two cylinders and 3 plane-like volumes produced from a complex faced and "sweep face". Now uniting the two cylinders with two of the plane-like volumes was no problem. But uniting with the third doesn't work...

Also substracting or splitting the last volume from a larger one doesn't work.

So wath could be wrong with the last volume?


Jason January 30, 2006 09:51

Re: gambit error uniting two volumes
Not sure... sometimes you just hit a limitation in Gambit.

You can try building the volumes in a different manner... instead of sweeping a face to create a volume, try creating the faces of the volume and then stiching them together.

Or, if you have access to a different CAD package, that may be the best option.

Sorry, and best of luck, Jason

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