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Ralf Schmidt January 26, 2006 04:46

problems viewing results with VNC

we have 3 workstations were Fluent runs on. Now I access the workstations from my PC via VNC.

That works fine for Gambit. But in Fluent, for two of the 3 machines, I can not view the simulation results. It is possible to do all the settings in Fluent, to view the residuals, but no vector field or grid can be shown (the window is black except the coordinate system and the colourmap).

For one of the 3 workstations, everything is fine... So I guess there are some VNC server settings on the 2 workstations that are wrong...

Any idea??

P.S.: no, it is not possible to use only one workstation, because everybody is using this, and no one is using the two remaining...

Ynot February 1, 2006 02:05

Re: problems viewing results with VNC
Hi Ralf,

Try the following,

go to Display/Options

and make sure that "hidden surface removal", "hidden line removal", and "Outer face culling" are not checked.

Tell me if this works.


YNot - Tsaad

Ralf Schmidt February 1, 2006 02:30

Re: problems viewing results with VNC
you are wonderfull!!

It is working. A number of co-workers of mine will be greatfull. Now we can use any of the workstations with remote VNC controll.

But I didtn't understood what happend... When displaying without VNC it works anyway...


Thanks a lot! Ralf

Ynot February 1, 2006 02:40

Re: problems viewing results with VNC

It seems to be a problem with remote connections. It doesn't load all graphics algorithms, i guess.

These options are used for transparency-like settings. When u're displaying 3D data, you can display the walls of your combustion chamber for example, and still see what's going on inside.

If this is turned on, and u're working on the machine, it displays fine. But when you are remoting, it doesn't seem to capture that transparency... It actually wipes out everything!

Good luck!

Ynot - Tsaad

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