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Ralf Schmidt January 26, 2006 06:00

meshing sharp edges

what case will result in a better mesh: a body with sharp edges or the same body with edges that are blend with a certain radius?


Razvan January 27, 2006 05:59

Re: meshing sharp edges
Blending with a small radius compared to medium cell size is going to give you a good mesh only using structured grid in this area [imagine how it would look a triangular mesh with a local size of ,say 5 mm, on a rounded 120 deg edge with a radius of 5 mm! There will be no more a rounded edge, but a blunt one. So you will have to refine very much the triangular mesh in that region (I say at least 4 cells on the round portion, meaning a local size of 1.25 mm), which will affect also the surrounding mesh (because of the transition needed)].

So, the mesh will not necesarily be worse or better, but surely bigger when using unstructured meshing!

If you are using structured meshing, then rounding the edge will only complicate the mesh, again because of the transition you will have to make towards the surrounding mesh (not to mention the BL, etc.)

It's your choise!

Best whishes, Razvan

Momo38 April 6, 2015 09:11

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Hi. I am new to fluent. Just wondering how to consider a mesh is a good mesh.


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