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Vidya Raja January 26, 2006 15:09

Modeling Unsteady velocity

I have an unsteady velocity which I need to use for my CFD analysis. I wrote a C program for it, stored it as a .cpp file and then used the UDF to hook it up to Fluent. It then asks me to either interpret or compile it? How do I choose betwen the two options? Also, please explain to me how exactly to hook and use unsteady velocities (using UDFs)in Fluent.

And finally, when I plot the velocity profiles, vectors, contours etc in Fluent, will I also get a picture of the waveform that I introduced?

Thanks a lot, Vidya

edi January 27, 2006 04:39

Re: Modeling Unsteady velocity
Ideally it is always better to compile UDFs, but obviously you need a compiler in your system...if you have not it, interpret your UDF.

Once you compiled successfully your C file, and supposed you used the right macros, the file will be available in the velocity inlet BC panel.

If everything will work good, you surely see the waveform you want...

By the way, all of this is much better explained in the udf manual...

Good luck


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