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Sandile Peta January 29, 2006 09:16

In fluent when i set my drag as a monitor and i begin the iteration no graph gets plotted even though on the x-axis the number of iterations is increasing what could be the problem?

Freeman January 29, 2006 16:49

Re: Fluent-Monitors-Force
Hi Sandile,

Perhaps your coefficient is out of range and Fluent don't display it because you do not have enabled the "auto range" option in the display settings of the force you want to monitor.

Regards, Freeman

Sandile Peta January 30, 2006 08:20

Re: Fluent-Report-Forces-Drag

Ths may seem like a stupid question, but i'm new to this stuff. Could someone please explain to me exactly what the various values that you get in Fluent represent when you hit report forces and you select the vector for drag? the values namely being: Pressure force, Viscous force, Total force, Coefficient of pressure, Viscous coefficient and Total coefficient. which value is the actual Cd? how does Fluent calculate it?

P.S. do not be afraid to over-elaborate, im a bit lost

Shot Sandile

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