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Arun Prasad February 1, 2006 07:58

Inaccurate velocity vectors
Hello everyone. I am attempting to simulate a 2D model of an ejector. Head over to for a diagram of it. The problem is that after giving boundary conditions, the init window shows a velocity of 5 m/s whereas after 10000 iterations, the velocity vector display shows an inlet velocity of about 2865.5151 m/s. Solver model is 2D segregated, k-e model, with all inlets assigned as pressure_inlet zones. Another problem is that the energy term never appears to converge to the required value of 10e-6 while the rest of the terms namely k,e,x-vel,y-vel,continuity converge to the required value of 10e-3. If anyone is willing to help me, I can mail my gambit files and fluent case file. Many thanks in advance for your time.

Ynot February 1, 2006 15:30

Re: Inaccurate velocity vectors
Hi Arun,

send me your case file. which fluent are you using by the way?


Ynot - Tsaad

Arun Prasad February 1, 2006 23:23

Re: Inaccurate velocity vectors
Many thanks for your prompt reply. To which mail-id shall I send the case file to. I am using Fluent v6.2 and Gambit v2.2.

Ynot February 1, 2006 23:27

Re: Inaccurate velocity vectors

jc239485 August 2, 2012 00:43

Incorrect velocity vectors on wall
Hey, I am simulating a 2D purging case of water on water. I have a rectangular profile of water with an inlet and an outlet flowing over another rectangular profile of water. After a few seconds of the simulation, velocity vectors acting upward against the roof (wall) are developed and stay there for the remainder of the simulation. Does anyone know how to solve this problem.

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