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farhath February 3, 2006 03:39

species transport and discrete phase modeling ....
Hi all, iam working on a afterburner problem.iam using surface injector for fuel injction. my problem is, 1)is it possble to carry out discrete phase modeling along with species transport model(specie used is kerosene) for a steady state problem. 1)i have to find out the air fuel ratio in the pipe which is at a certain distance from the injector. so iam trying to use both discrete phase modeling for injection and species transport for airfuel ratio distriburion.since whole analysis is steady state ...i am unable read the species distribution in the pipe its showing as zero. any suggestions......thanks in advance

Allan Walsh February 3, 2006 14:34

Re: species transport and discrete phase modeling
Yes, it should be possible. I'm assuming that you have set up the discrete phase as liquid kerosene, and then set a vaporization law for the kereosene. This will occur at some fixed temperature. Then the kerosene, in vapor form, can react with other species (i.e. O2).

To start the problem, you will likely have to patch in some initial temperature to initialize the vaporatization. Are you getting any vaporization now? (That is, keresone in the vapor phase). Does the gaseous keresone react?

masood yooceframandi February 11, 2006 02:09

Re: species transport and discrete phase modeling
Dear Friends,specially Allan;

I use DPM for simulation of a fluidized bed dryer but after 10 sec i haven't any vaporization in particle tracks report.

injection: 1)inert particles 2)droplet particle of h2o

evaporating species: H2o

vaporization temperature: 284K

inlet gas temperature: 400 K

what is the problem?any suggestion?may i combusting particles instead of 1 & 2 injections?

i know, it is better to use Eulerian model,but this model can not support species transport, and i have to use DPM!

another question: i have fluent 6.2.16, may i setup this problem in 6.2.16 in eulerian model?can u give me "multiphase flow user guide and tutorial guide"?

any help will be appreciated!

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