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Pradeep February 3, 2006 17:30

Discrete phase model in porous media
Hi has anyone used the discrete phase model with porous media. I have a problem involving about 3-4 species which is initially present in a porous media at a fixed volume fraction in liquid state(uniformly distributed). Then heat is applied to one wall and the liquid evaporates and is removed using a velocity outlet.I am using a discrete phase model and use surface injection for a particular time period(0->t)and obtain the initial concentration in that small time.

My problem is that the discrete phase model equations in fluent does not seem to have any component to address the porous media part. (Fluent does not use physical restrictions when using porous media formulation - it simply adds a term to the momentum and energy equation)

Does any of the other multiphase model takes care of vaporization and boiling?

Thanks for the help.

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