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into February 7, 2006 23:18

Tecplot error (using fluent results)
When I used Fluent results, I got an error in Tecplot. I exported some results for Tecplot in Fluent, and I tried to load those data in Tecplot.

Err: Not enough elements in Connectivity list Error occurred on line 6909 near position marked with "@" below: 4301 4428 4427 4374@

need help.

Tania February 8, 2006 03:56

Re: Tecplot error (using fluent results)
hi, You can directly import the case and data files in tecplot. You don't need to convert your results to tecplot format.

Bean February 8, 2006 11:25

Re: Tecplot error (using fluent results)
Hi - I have the same problem with exporting data from Fluent v.6.2 into Tecplot v.9. I get the exact same error message. I know you can directly import data files in Tecplot, as Tania suggests, but my models are quite large and this becomes a very long process. All I want to do is import a single plane. Any suggestions?

Luca February 8, 2006 12:26

Re: Tecplot error (using fluent results)
Unfortunately I have your same prob for tecplot 10.0 as well. You can decide what to load in tecplot panel. I have a problem when I use the coupled solver because no data is referred to surfaces but to the centroids of the cell. So when I want to plot a contour for a wall I get a uniform contour. For the segregated all OK. Any idea? Luca

Tania February 8, 2006 15:11

Re: Tecplot error (using fluent results)
I did a test in two different versions of Fluent.

1- I have fluent files (V6.1.22). I exported data on a single plane to tecplot format. I could read them without any problem in tecplot V10.

2- I exported data on a single plane in Fluent V6.2.16 (using the same fluent files) but I couldn't read them in Tecplot V10.

into February 8, 2006 15:53

Re: Tecplot error (using fluent results)
Thanks guys.

As Tania said, is it fluent version problem? I also use fluent V6.1.16.

Because of the huge file size of results, I can't directly import the case and data files in tecplot. Any good idea?

Bean February 8, 2006 17:27

Re: Tecplot error (using fluent results)
I did the same two tests as Tania but with Tecplot v.9 and found the same results - no problems with Fluent v.6.1.22, but Fluent v.6.2.16 generated an error in Tecplot.

It would seem to me that it is a problem with the latest version of Fluent. I checked the Fluent website to see if there were any known issues with Tecplot, but I was unable to find anything. I wonder if Fluent is aware of the problem???

Tang February 8, 2006 18:11

Re: Tecplot error (using fluent results)
If you compare the 6.1 tecplot file to a 6.2 I believe that in 6.1 it creates where the @ is at in the 6.1 file it will say TRIANGLE and in 6.2 it says QUADRILATERAL. When I change my 6.2 file to say TRIANGLE it loads in ok.

Bean February 9, 2006 11:03

Re: Tecplot error (using fluent results)
Unlike Tang, regardless of whether I export from either Fluent v.6.1 or v.6.2, I get QUADRILATERAL. However, I tried changing QUADRILATERAL to TRIANGLE in the file exported from Fluent v.6.2, and surprisingly, I didn't receive an error message when loading it into Tecplot. Unfortunately Tecplot did not generate the plane properly though - there were holes, or large areas of missing cells, in the mesh.

Bean February 9, 2006 12:58

Re: Tecplot error (using fluent results)
The problem, in my case, lies in the connectivity list. I have been attempting to export a plane with both quadrilateral and triangular cells. Obviously, for quadrilateral cells, there are four node points, and for triangular cells there are three. For Tecplot to be able to read a combination of the two types of cells, the zone type must be set to QUADRILATERAL and there must be four node points listed for all cells - even triangular. In order to fulfill the four node point requirement, the last node point is simply repeated. You can read more on this on PG 72-73 (4.3 - Finite Element Data) of the Tecplot manual. What the new version of Fluent fails to do, is repeat this last node point for triangular cells, and hence, Tecplot cannot read the file. I simply brought the file created in Fluent into Excel, and added the missing node points. It's a pain, but it fixed my problem. Hopefully it will help with your problems too.

einandr January 9, 2014 09:56

Some more notes how the replace trick works, it could be helpful. I had hybrid 3D mesh with both hexahedral and tetrahedral cells. Different data planes were exported for transient solution postprocessing, resulting in 3 zones types:
1)planar zones with quadrilateral faces only
2)planar zones with triangle faces only
3)zones with mixed faces.

In my case I exported all 3 zone types to one tecplot data loader file.

I work in Fluent 14.0 and tecplot360 2013. So, while exporting quadrilateral or mixed faces zones there were no problem, but on the triangle zone it writes "quadrilateral" but provides only 3 points instead of 4. So, I had to replace "quadrilateral" to "triangle" for zones with triangle faces only. If I replace all the lines in the data file, it can be loaded seccessfully but planar zones contain holes and missing areas.

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