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Shanti February 8, 2006 19:33

Converting an animation file into JPEG format
Hi Could someone help me how to write an animation file to a JPEG format? When i am writing it from the animation-- playback menu, its giving an error "Error opening PPM file". Could someone really help me with it?

Thanks in advance, Shanti

Hamed February 9, 2006 02:16

Re: Converting an animation file into JPEG format
if u like to write results of an unsteady problem in JPEG u can use 2 method: 1-Solve->Animate->Define u can define that fluent write your results in ppm or metafile(hmf) or in memory then when solve finish, u write results by Solve->Animate->Playback-> here, u can write by hardcopy format(u should define in hardcopy option JPEG)

2-by Execute Commands->for more inf. refer to FLUENT-User-Guide-Help


Mario February 9, 2006 04:07

Re: Converting an animation file into JPEG format
I have never heard of an animation in JPEG format. Fluent provides mpeg. Another way is to hardcopy JPEG pictures with Fluent, convert them into gif and merge them into a single gif-animation with a 3rd party program like ImageMagic which is freeare.

Shanti February 9, 2006 14:40

Re: Converting an animation file into JPEG format

I am getting an error in writing the animation file in mpeg format. Its says "error in opening ppm file". This is the procedure i followed..

Solve-->Animate--> playback In this i selected mpeg in the drop down menu of write/record format.

Could someone help me with it...its really urgent

thanks shanti

srinivas February 10, 2006 02:47

Re: Converting an animation file into JPEG format
hi shanthi

As far as my knowledge u"ll get the animation (sequense files) only ur simulating unsteady flow.After simulating the flow go for

solve-->animate-->play back

then in the write/record format select mpeg or jpeg then simply write it

or even after this if u still don:t get then try this

in the frame lilst there is an icon |> first press this then repeat the above same procedure

hope it will works bye

edi February 10, 2006 05:01

Re: Converting an animation file into JPEG format
My personal opinion: mpegs made from fluent have really poor quality, much better if you wrote your frames as jpgs (solve>animate>playback as you posted, if it doesn't work-and on linux/unix machines often doesn't work-you can write every single frame playing the animation frame by frame and saving them on the file>hardcopy panel, manually or with a jou file) and then join them with an external application (I like makeavi, light and freeware).

Good luck


Michael Bo Hansen February 10, 2006 09:58

Re: Converting an animation file into JPEG format
Good Idea. But remember that JPG's are created for photographic use and are not suitable for CFD plots. The best format is PNG which is not yet supported by FLUENT, but will be in the future. Hopefully 6.3. PNG files have better quality AND are smaller in sizes! In lack of PNG, you should use TIF files as the format for single frames. After you have create the movie using MakeAVI or a similiar product (IMGCON), you could decrease the size of the files by using "bbMPEG" This programs converts the files to an MPEG which dramatically reduces the size of the files. I have experienced from ~200 MB down to 15 MB. Just remember to keep the size to 640*480. People with old version of DirectX (lower than version 7) cannot see Mpeg movies with other sizes than 640*480. If you have a newer version of DirectX there should be no problems in choosing whatever sizes you want. Check the version from Start/Run/dxdiag - Michael

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