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Marius February 9, 2006 15:38

non-conformal grid?
Due to the fact that I have got major problems with growing pyramids from my structured domains into the unstructured area ( I use gridgen), I decided to split those quad elements, and grow thetrahedrals from them.

Now the domains aren't connected nicely anymore (hanging edges, nodes are still matching) and I have to use the non-conformal grid option in Fluent to overcome. I haven't found until now (also not on this Forum) any major drawbacks of the non-conformal grid option (except sometimes partioning problems). Probably there are some unforseen disadvantages by using this method. Who can help me...

philipov February 10, 2006 12:59

Re: non-conformal grid?
Hi, Using non-conformal mesh is powerfull but must be carefull. I will tell you basic steps in working with that kind of grid. Please give me your mail to send you that information

hamina February 14, 2006 06:05

the helica ribbon
please i'need the geometie in gambit of helical ribbon

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