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Amr February 13, 2006 16:41

Boundary zone types?
I am using Fluent 6. Could anybody tell me the difference between the following boundary zones' types: 1-Internal 2-Interface 3-Interior

Would much appreciate if you exemplify on where they are used? Many thanks, Amr

edi February 14, 2006 04:41

Re: Boundary zone types?
Internal: is a general zero thickness BC inside the domain that you can use to apply internal BCs that introduce step changes in the flow conditions (i.e. fan BC)

Interface: BC to use with 2 adjacent cells whose mesh were built indipendently (2 overlapping faces not connected)

Interior: BC that requires no input from the user

Hope I made myself clear


Amr February 23, 2006 07:35

Re: Boundary zone types?
Thanks edi. I have posted a new message titled "Smoke simulation inside atriums".


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