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Belete Kiflie February 16, 2006 10:01

convergence problem with FLUENT cavitation model
Dear all,

I am using the full cavitation model implemented in FLUENT to do simulation of cavitation problems in an axial pump. I had generated a mesh of 1.1 millions. I used this mesh to simulate the flow with fluent using all the three k-e turbulence models (standard, realizable and rng). The calculation converged well and the solution appeared good. Then, I wanted to start solving the cavitation problem. But this time, it appears that the convergence stuck...but it appears the solution is not improve the convergence, i tried to lower the URF for vf but the residue jumps to a lower value at the biginning but then it stucks immediately after....can you help?

With best regards

R.Arazgaldy February 18, 2006 03:04

Re: convergence problem with FLUENT cavitation mod
Dear B.kiflie I would like to simulate cavitation on marine propeller. But i in confuse that if it(Fluent) can do it?

can you help me?

Best regards R.Arazgaldy

B. Kiflie February 18, 2006 06:53

Re: convergence problem with FLUENT cavitation mod
Hi R. Arazgaldy,

I am also trying to use FLUENT for solving cavitation problem on an axial pump...the cav. model implemented in FLUENT is one of the most accepted model. It is called FULL Cavitation has been also reported in different papers about its applicability...that was I was encouraged to start using it...but for the time being i have some problem regarding convergence issues as I posted it earlier to which I am looking for advice...but the initial results i got are promissing...

Davy February 20, 2006 11:16

Re: convergence problem with FLUENT cavitation mod
Hi,B. Kiflie

I'm also using fluent to simulate cavitating flow in axial pump.Would you please send me some of your good results? And I don't clear where and how to set the operate pressure.

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