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Tajul February 20, 2006 03:00

channel flow help
Dears Hi everyone. I want to simulate a two dimensional microchannel flow (1.2 micron by 3000 micron)by fluent. case1. The inlet pressure is 272260 pa and outlet pressure 100800 pa. case2. Inlet pressure 135072pa, outlet pressure 100800 pa. In both the cases no slip condition, one side is wall and another side is symmetry wall boundary. Flow is compressible.Isothermal condition of temperature 314k. Density should be calculated by ideal gas law. I tried but it did not converge. can anyone help me how to simulate it. I will highly appreciate. Tajul

A February 20, 2006 08:34

Re: channel flow help
post your mesh file on your web site and post a link so I can download it

Tajul February 20, 2006 08:51

Re: channel flow help
Thank you for your response. Sorry, I do not know the process you said. If you kindly send me your email address I can send the mesh file to you.

A February 22, 2006 20:02

Re: channel flow help
1- What unit have you used in constructing your grid? 2- Have you checked the knudson number based on the cell dimensions?

Tajul February 22, 2006 21:23

Re: channel flow help
I used micrometer but converted to meter when I run fluent. In the floowing cases I used SI units where necessary. The inlet pressure 135072pa and outlet 100800pa. I calculated analytically as follows at the inlet. specific heat ratio=1.4 mach number=0.66 gas constant=296.8 speed of sound=361.21 inlet velocity=238.53 Reynolds number=9.43 Knudsen number=0.1038

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