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Mike February 21, 2006 16:38

Dynamic mesh (local remeshing) I'm stuck
I am confused with the local remeshing feature in fluent 6.1. I am modelling the time dependant intake of an i.c engine intake valve using dynamic meshing. I have been testing out all the different features of dynamic meshing in 2d, eveything works except the local remeshing. The manual has confused me as to whether it works in 2d at all? Either way I have tried the same thing in 3d and it still doesn't work. Instead of remeshing the face and adding a new layer when needed it is just stretching the cell adjacent to the edge of the deforming boundary (face of the piston)? Why is this?

NB I know I can use layering but I need the unstructured mesh to allow for the valve so I need it to work.

Can I provide any info to anyone so they can help me?

Many thanks


HVN February 22, 2006 08:48

Re: Dynamic mesh (local remeshing) I'm stuck
Is your problem happened at a symmetry condition?

Mike February 26, 2006 15:00

Re: Dynamic mesh (local remeshing) I'm stuck
No its happening at a wall that is deforming longitudinally, i.e. the valve side.



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