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jdb February 23, 2006 00:52

area wght ave for AXISYMMETRIC model?
I searched "area weighted average" topics but didn't find discussion of axisymmetric 2D models.

I have a low velocity incompressible liquid flowing through a column, which is modeled 2-d axisymmetric. The liquid carries a second species. Near the outlet of the column, I established a data collection line (once again 2-d, normal to axis) to measure mass fraction. I want to determine the area weighted average mass fraction on the entire outlet "face" as defined by my data collection line. If I use the Report / Surface Integral / Area Weighted Average function, can I assume that it's calculating this average over the face as defined by my line rotated around the axis? Or is it only calculating the average over the linear distance of the sample line?

Thanks for any tips.

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