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J.Gimbun February 23, 2006 14:37

Power number in stirred tank
Hello, Anybody know how to calculate the power number of stirred tank in Fluent? I know the empirical one (function of Re, N, u etc) but I just like to counter-check them in CFD if is it possible. Thank you in advance.

Murthy February 26, 2006 00:13

Power number in stirred tank
Just get volume Integral of epsilon in fluent report icon. Then divide this volume integral with N3D5 i.e your power number. Murthy

J.Gimbun February 26, 2006 07:59

Re: Power number in stirred tank
Thanks murthy, this method according to my supervisor is just a rough estimate with approx 30% accuracy. I know that we can calculate the power by integrating the torque on impeller blade to the tank volume but I'm not sure how to do it in Fluent. Anybody have do this before?

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