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Simon February 25, 2006 11:19

digitizing an aerofoil/ meshing problems
Hello there, Iam currently investigating an aerofoil performance. The problem is that i have had to plot the aerofoil myself since it corresponds to no known aerofoil, since its about 30 cm in cord length its very hard to get sufficient accuracy to create a good mesh. having to use a varity of programs to import these data points into gambit then having to resize it means the aerofoil is not a smooth shape. Does anyone have any experience in dealing with such a problem as i need enough accuracy to ensure i can find the transient point and find where separation is occuring. Also any tips on meshing, since ive used a square mesh the flow after leaving the trailing edge means the flow is at roughly 45 deg crossing square elements, i know this isnt good enough. Would be very glad for any reply by someone who has experience in this. Thanks

A February 25, 2006 12:34

Re: digitizing an aerofoil/ meshing problems
few weeks ago, someone asked a similar question, I remember that good samaritans recommended A free digitizing programme, search previous posts, good luck

Simon February 27, 2006 12:18

Re: digitizing an aerofoil/ meshing problems
ok thanks, programs good but not quite accurate enough, think it best i blow it up on photocopier and do it by hand!

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