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naus February 26, 2006 17:54

first step in species transport without reaction
Hello, I'm doing aeraulic modelisation in operating room, I want to display relative humidity, I know that I must use species model(I read it in section 13.4) with mixture templete. In species panal-selected species there is N2,O2,H2O, but I want to have mixture with dry air and h20(vap), because in bondary conditions I may to put only the massique fraction of H2O(vap), how to do ??????????? I have add air on selected species and remove O2 and N2? BUT MY PROBLEME DIVERGED!!! have ypu any instructions for me???? what is the steps to flow???? PLEASE HELPE ME.

pmechz April 12, 2016 07:35

hi ...
would u plz help me?
I want to simulate mixing of Two fluids.
but by using species transport model, how can i allocate constant value to properties of each component?

best regard

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