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Vidya Raja February 26, 2006 20:44

Meshing the geometry
Hi all,

I'm trying to mesh a complex geometry with lots of curved edges and faces. GAMBIT crashes whenever I try to mesh according to the heirarchy - i.e., edges , faces , volume. So I tried to use the sizing functions and then mesh the volume directly. But when I used numbers like 0.01 for the start size, 1.01 for the growth rate and 1.0 for the size limit, the meshing was not completed and I got an error which read:

Assertion failed in Refvolcc, line 6509: found_1 && found_2 while meshing volume 2.

What does this mean? And is there any other way I can create a really fine mesh, especially near the walls of the geometry? Since I'm modeling blood flow, I need a really fine mesh. And if it's possible, I want a fine mesh throughout the geometry. Is this feasible by any means?

Thanks, Vidya

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