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hajszan_gyula February 27, 2006 11:34

regarding steady state discrete phase calculations

My question would be the following. If I do steady state, coupled discrete phase modeling (as classified by the Fluent 6.0 manual), then how are the trajectories being calculated? I.e. in order to get a trajectory Fluent integrates wrt to time, right? That contradicts the term "steady state". In order words what's the phyisical meaning of steady state discrete phase modeling.

Thanks a lot. Any response is greatly appreciated.

kiran kumar February 28, 2006 02:32

Re: regarding steady state discrete phase calculat
in lagrangian approach your interest is "what happen to the particle at particular time and where it is",where as in euler formulations your interest is "what is going on at particular location wrt time",if it is not changing it is steady state.But in lagrangian approach you have to go with particle.the location of particle is based on the time only.whether it steady or unsteady.

if you got any better answer please share with us

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