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Marijo March 1, 2006 15:03

Porous media problem in 3D

I am trying to model porous media in 3D.Volume of the porous zone is inside another volume.The problem is when I export the file in flunet all sides of the porous zone are represented with wall,so therefore no fluid(air) can pass through the porous media.I tried to change the B.C. from wall to interior in fluent but I couldn't. I tried also with union(with retain) but no luck. What should I do? How should I model porous media in another volume?


Carlos V. March 1, 2006 18:38

Re: Porous media problem in 3D
I really don't know much of the process, but if I understood, what I think you must do, is to previously select the VOLUME you want to specify as a continuous medium in Gambit and in the "Specify Continuum Types" button select "Type: Fluid" (by default, all FACES of the volume will be set as fluid too, but you can specify them), then, after exporting the file to Fluent, you can specify this VOLUME (in "Define - Boundary Conditions") as a porous medium. I really don't know if this is your problem or if i'm answering your question, I just hope it will help you! I've posted a question too, but still no response!

With my best compliments:

Carlos V.

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