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vinod perumal March 2, 2006 08:59

Getting error while iterating
Hello, I'm trying to analyse wind flow around the building and getting error as soon as I'm iterating the problem. I pasted the error (warning) below:-

Warning: ST_Malloc: out of memory.malloc_storage: unable to malloc Y Velocity Reconstruction, size 45536784, t 2, myid 1000000.

thanks in advance.. Vinod

HVN March 2, 2006 09:12

Re: Getting error while iterating
Perhaps you havn't enough RAM compared to your model size

Ahmed March 2, 2006 09:28

Re: Getting error while iterating
(m)emory (alloc)ation

vinod perumal March 3, 2006 04:05

Re: Getting error while iterating
Thanks Dear, Yes I understand the problem which is relevant to RAM. But, a month ago I got some good results with the same model, this time I just tried to increase the inlet air velocity through UDF. Rest are all the same.. Moreover I got 1GB of RAM and 3Ghz processor speed...Still do you think that I should increase my RAM? Is any other way to solve the problem, as I think it would be nightmare for me if I have to change the mesh size in Gambit.

Thanks VInod

Ahmed March 3, 2006 18:03

Re: Getting error while iterating
1- UDF needs a few bytes more of RAM, you know the old story of the straw that broke the camel neck 2- Are you using Windows XP or NT? if so activate the task manager performance window while running your case and check the amount of RAM used etc and take your decision accordingly 3- You might need to increase the swap area too 4- Honestly speaking, 2GB of RAM are needed for most serious work

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