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Lourival March 2, 2006 16:42

DPM time_of_birth UDF
Hy everybody,

I have some doubts about the time of the particle is injected.

For example, I would like to know the time at which the particle that hit some WALL in my DOMAIN was injected. Note that I don't wanna the time that the particles enters the cell, but the time that the particle was injected in my domain, so I can calculate how long it took to hit the WALL.

Looking inside of the "dpm.h" I found three different times:

1) p->state.time 2) p->state0.time 3) p->init_state.time

The first is the time that the particle hit the WALL, the second is the time that the particle entry to current cell and the third I thought that could be the time that the particle was injected. I thought so because the struct init_state is related to the state at injection, but the second and the third gives the same result.

Taking a look inside of the particle_struct I found the variable time_of_birth and it gives a time before that the particle hits the tube.

Am I right in taking the time_of_birth as being the time of that the particle was injected ?? Does someone have an idea ??


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