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majesticcc March 3, 2006 17:47

impinging jet?
I am trying to model an impinging jet like cooper's experiment h/d=6. There is a nozzle through which air is exiting vertically downwards with 8.7 m/s and hitting the ground. I have questions about it. what would be the top boundary condition besides the velocity inlet? Is it pressure inlet or velocity Inlet with zero U and V velocities? If I put Inlet condition bc there with zero U and V , then what values do I put for k and epsilon there ?


Frederik March 4, 2006 04:57

Re: impinging jet?
Hi, you can find all details about bondary conditions ans turbulant K-epsilon parameters used in this paper of prof.A.Nguyen :(he used pressur outlet boundary condition type(is your cas a 2D model or 3D one ?..ans what is the nature og materials(pool) you use in you model?)

majesticcc March 4, 2006 05:40

Re: impinging jet?
Thanks frederik ı will read the text.ı am using 2ddp axisymetric model and the material is air everywhere in the model.

Srivatsan V. R. March 4, 2006 19:31

Re: impinging jet?

The best bet is Mass flow Inlet, if at all U know the mass flow rate. If not, then try Pressure inlet!

majesticcc March 4, 2006 20:16

Re: impinging jet?
thanks srivatsan but the problem is ıf ı will use pressure ınlet which turbulance specification method and ıts parameters ı should use.ı dont know how to find correct parameters in pressure inlet boundary condition which is near the velocity inlet(nozzle out).nozzle diameter is 26 mm and height from the disk is 125 mm and radius of the disk is 150 mm.fluid is air. thanks ........

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