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Cyril March 6, 2006 08:03

Quad Meshing with gambit
I'm trying to simulate a supersonic shell (2D Axi).

I would like to mesh very precisely around the shock wave and my question is : Is it possible to have, let's say, 10 nodes on the right side of the edge, and only 5 on the other side ? ->

The problem is that I have several parallelograms surounding the wave ( There are all meshed with an intervall size of 0.5 but I would like to mesh the n1 with an IZ=1 or 2.

But if I keep 0.5 on the other faces, I've got a very bad looking mesh on face1 :

Does anybody knows how to solve this ??

Razvan March 6, 2006 10:45

Re: Quad Meshing with gambit
If you would like, in fact if anybody wants me to send him/her a couple of pictures which I guarantee you that are more than interesting, refering to shockwave simulation around hemispherical cylinder, I would be glad to help him/her.

It's all about meshing...


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