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venkat narayan March 7, 2006 02:05

effect of specularity co-efficient urgent

i would like to know the effect of specularity co-efficient on multiphase flow simuilations especially liquid-solid fluidized bed systems.

its urgent please

Nimmy Kovoor January 29, 2017 17:37

Effect of Specularity coefficient on Fluidized Bed
Hallo Narayan,
This is too general question Narayan. It depends on volume fraction of the solid in the bed, fluidizing velocity and the bed geometry in itself. Basically, on how much the wall is important in the whole process.
A detailed explanation of these factors are important to answer your question.
P.S: I know its a late reply but, if somebody has this question in the present I am available for further help!! Because, literature on a liquid-solid fluidized bed is not vast yet.

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