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Pablo Cornejo March 8, 2006 14:22

Gambit question.
How can I get to unit two faces that only share one edge?.

san March 9, 2006 00:13

Re: Gambit question.
Hi, i think you can use

Geometry -> Faces -> Connect Faces

and select the two faces to unit them.

bye san

mAx March 9, 2006 02:21

Re: Gambit question.
Unit Boolean only works with real geometry. Else you can work with Merge Faces for virtual Geometry

pablo cornejo March 9, 2006 10:43

Re: Gambit question.
I can't conect faces. I can merge faces but then a can't convert to real geometry and I have to work with real geometry.

edi March 9, 2006 13:06

Re: Gambit question.
You can convert virtual faces to real only if they are mappable. Instead of merging the faces, Can't you delete the two faces retaining lower geometry and then create a single face from the edges? If the face is not so distorted or curved, it should be possible...

Hope it helps


pablo cornejo March 9, 2006 16:01

Re: Gambit question.
the faces are curved,

Freeman March 9, 2006 16:18

Re: Gambit question.
Try a clean up your geometry. In tools->clean-up then select the button "duplicate edges" (it is the last icon of all (I hope), that is a "drop-down" menu: search the "duplicate edges" button by right-clicking in this icon)

Now, in the "Duplicate edges" menu, click the "default" button to let gambit to calculate the adequate lenght for the minimum edge length. Then, it should appear the edge that is shared by the two faces: select it, be sure that at the bottom is selected the "connect edges" option and "apply".

Then, you should be able to merge these two surfaces. Why don't you use virtual geometry? It's really comfortable and helps gambit in many of these issues....

pablo cornejo March 9, 2006 16:46

Re: Gambit question.
"duplicate edges"??????????????? where???

Freeman March 9, 2006 17:46

Re: Gambit question.

I hope this helps a bit. Good luck!

pablo cornejo March 9, 2006 19:54

Re: Gambit question.
Hey, thanks you very much , very kind of you.


Freeman March 10, 2006 10:46

Re: Gambit question.
Well, then you have Gambit 2.0 or older (mine is 2.2.30). Can you upload an image to see that edge and the 2 surfaces sharing it? What color has your edge now? Is it orange or blue?

In your first question you said that you wanted to "unit" two faces... then you said you couldn't connect faces but you could merge them, which is actually impossible because to merge your faces must be connected first. But if you really merged that faces, is not solved your problem? Now you have "unit" (I understand it as "merged" which also implies "connected") this two faces and your edge...

Read this as a positive critic and describe a bit more your problem; no somos adivinos ;) .

Regards, Freeman

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