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Tomik March 9, 2006 03:02

derivation enthalpy
Hi, I would like adding source in energy eguation. My source is S = Cp*dh/dx, where cp is specific heat, dh/dx is derivation enthalpy. How introduce derivation enthalpy to Fluent. When I writing in my udf derivation enthalpy is C_H_G(c,t) [I set: Keep temporary solver memory from being freed? [yes] ] fluent received fatal signal (ACCESS_VIOLATION)... How activate derivation enthalpy in Fluent???

Please help me!!! Best regards Tomik.

RoM March 9, 2006 04:12

Re: derivation enthalpy
If the C_H_G macro does not work you can use S=Cp*Cp*C_T_G(c,t)[0] for non reacting flows. Also note that the return value of S must be W/m^3.


Tomik March 9, 2006 16:39

Re: derivation enthalpy
Can I use C_T_G(c,t)[0] instead C_H_G[0] in case specific heat Cp is function temperature??? I known that adding source S must be W/m^3.

Please answer to my question!?

Best regards Tomik.

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