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jojo March 14, 2006 10:19

hard link mesh
Hello everybody,

I have a meshed sector of a cylinder and I want (of course) the sides of the sector to be periodic.

When I do the hard link of these two faces, rigorously as described in Gambit Guide, the link is obtained but the mesh is totaly destroyed.

Has anyone experienced that?

Thanks for your help,


Ravi Duggirala March 15, 2006 01:09

Re: hard link mesh

You need to link those two faces before meshing. So Link those faces first and then mesh the geometry.

Thanks Ravi

jojo March 15, 2006 10:08

Re: hard link mesh
I did not notice that in the modeling guide.

Thanks a lot. I shall try that.

jojo March 15, 2006 14:37

Re: hard link mesh
Hi, Ravi.

Thank you a lot for your help.

I am for sure a stupid guy but I did not manage to do what you say.

I have cleaned the mesh and linked the two faces (with reverse and periodic options). Then, I have re-meshed the object.

I had a first issue when defining the periodic boundary: the faces were not linked!? I guessed the overall faces were linked but not the one of the cells. I thus re-did the hard link procedure... and the mesh was destroyed.

Do you see any solution?


Ravi Duggirala March 15, 2006 15:22

Re: hard link mesh

I didnt understand what you are saying. but here is the procedure to apply periodic BC in gambit.

go to mesh icon, select the face icon, in that select the link meshed faces icon and click.

A window opens asking abt the face-1, vertex-1, Face-2 and vertex-2. be sure that you select all the four correctly and then check the box infront of periodic and then click apply. Now go to volume mesh and apply the mesh . now while applying the periodic BC you need to select both the faces that are linked and then apply periodic BC.

hope u understood the procedure. feel free if u have any questions...

Thanks Ravi Duggirala

jojo March 15, 2006 16:40

Re: hard link mesh
Hi, Ravi.

I exactly did as you say but when I want to export the mesh, I have the message: 'WARN: Continuum Entity default-fluid does not contain any valid entity and is not written'.

The case is thus unreadable for Fluent.

This does not happen when I do no hard link.

Thanks in advance.

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