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Jiri Novak March 15, 2006 19:07

Problem with VOF
Hi all!

I am sending a question about modeling the gas injection into the liquid (focused on first stage bubble generation and flow). I used for modelling this the VOF model but unsuccesfuly.

I have monitored the mass flux on the inlet and outlet. The mass indifference occoures as certain amount of the gas enters the tank. This cause divergence immediately. Is it common for the VOF? Anyway, i have very good experience with VOF for closed systems with no inlets and outlets. Is it better to use Eulerian / classic multiphase model instead of VOF for cases with inlets? If so, which 2nd phase (air or gas) particle size shall i set?

Nando March 17, 2006 06:13

Re: Problem with VOF
I can post only the last demand: it's better to set as primary phase the lighter phase, and then patch the heavier. Don't forget the gravity on.

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