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Tysor March 17, 2006 04:10

VOF and water falls
Hi everyone,

I try and simulate a drinking water tank in which the water enters by falling from a pipe and exits by a pipe under the surface (at the bottom of the tank). Thus there is the free surface at the interface of water and air and the free surfaces along the water fall.

I am using: - the VOF model with the Geo-reconstruct scheme. - the k-e model for turbulence - the body force weighted discretization scheme for pressure and the second order upwind scheme for the other variables. - a variable time step size. - a bc type of mass-flow-inlet for both inlet and outlet.

In 2D, the calculation runs OK and the results are acceptable (there may be some weird behaviour sometimes but it is OK), and I can see the water falling from the inlet pipe into the tank.

In 3D, the calculation runs OK but there is "apparently" no water falling down into the tank. But as the mass flow at the inlet is equal to the mass-flow at the outlet, the water level in the tank is stable.

does anyone can help me? Is there something in my settings which looks wrong for you?

Thanks in advance

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