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Haller Jean-Francois March 17, 2006 15:08

Import file as outflow

I would like to import a CSV (or other format) and declare it as outflow. Typically put the result (pression) from a other simlulation and declare it as outflow to determine the inflow.

Thanks for helping.

stk March 18, 2006 06:08

Re: Import file as outflow
If i understand exactly what you mean, you want to declare a variable distriburtion (pressure) at the outlet. Firstly you have to know that outflow condition is a fully developed condition and it can not be changed (normal derivatives zero).So you need PRESSURE OUTLET or mass outflow condition. To do the distribution you have to create a profile file (a txt with some rules, which you have to read in fluent's doc) and import it in pressure outlet b.c. Then you will have a distribution.Another way is by udf with some c++ programming, but i don't recommend it if you are a new user.Good luck!

robert March 20, 2006 06:43

Re: Import file as outflow
ok i get do to try that.


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