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yamini March 19, 2006 12:26

inverse poisson solver
hi all ! i need to find the solution to an electrical field problem: potential field V(x,y,z) follows poisson's equation in a cubical volume conductor of varying conductivity mhu(x,y,z) in space. ie , ▼(mhu*V) = 0 There are many softwares that solve the forward problem: given conductivity of material(mhu), the potential field distribution is found for given current field. However, i need an inverse solver, ie: given the field(V) at certain discrete sparse points on the boundary for given current field, find the conductivity distribution (assumed piecewise constant function) in the material. Is this possible using Fluent and how? (say using Finite difference method) Kindly explain in detail as I am a beginner with respect to Fluent and how I should go about learning to code.

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